Elmbank Group Practice

Elmbank Group Practice

Foresterhill Health Centre, Westburn Road, Aberdeen, AB25 2XE

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Telephone: 0345 337 0710

Fax: 01224 661599

Rights & Responsibilities

  • A doctor will visit at home if necessary, but you have no absolute right to have a home visit.
  • You have the right to see your records unless your doctor feels this will be harmful to you. Requests to view your records must be made in writing to the Practice Manager.
  • If you make an appointment and are unable to keep it, please inform the practice in plenty of time. Please note that if you are late for your appointment, you risk not being seen.
  • We hope that patients will act in a respectful and responsible manner at all times when visiting the practice and dealing with our clinicians and staff. Anyone whose behaviour is unacceptable risks being removed from our practice list.
  • Failure to attend booked appointments will result in a warning letter, as well as potential removal from the practice list if you miss any further appointments.
  • We welcome your suggestions to improve our service. Please hand in any suggestions you may have to one of our receptionists.